Author Biography
Author Biography

Amarillie Ackermann was born in Johannesburg and started playing the harp at the age of six. Her formal music training took place in South Africa and she received the prestigious D. J. Roode scholarship for overseas training. She has performed extensively as a soloist and symphony harpist, as well as a participant in various ensemble combinations, including a harp quartet and Salon Music since its inception in 1994. That same year she formed the unique Duo 2000 with accordionist Sergio Zampolli . The duo's CDs include Song to the Evening Star and Song for Anna, which achieved finalist status in the South African Music Awards of 1998 and 2002, respectively, also Encore and Classical Moments. Amarillie also has a solo CD, Close to My Harp. She teaches harp, piano and music theory.

In 2007, she and engineer/friend Graham Guthrie created the Harp Pedal Display Unit which tracks and displays the harp's pedal movements on a small screen by means of LED lights. They patented this product, sold three to local harpists, and are now busy tackling the world-wide marketing.

You may contact her at . Her website is

Availability, Purchase and Installation Information for the Harp Pedal Unit

The Harp Pedal Display Unit is available and can be sent from South Africa immediately. It costs R3000 (ZAR=South African Rands). Depending on the exchange rate, this is about $428, but your payment must equal R3000.

Installation requires drilling a 2mm. hole though the top of the harpís base through which three ultra-thin wires pass to the display unit on top and to the little operating system on the inside of the base. The pedal sensors are attached by magnets. If after installation you need to remove the harpís base, you need only unplug a little computer plug that is clearly visible. The unit is attached to the base of the harp using removable adhesive putty (Press-Tik/Blu-Tak/Poster Putty).

Who can install it? Any harp regulator or repairer, instrument maker or repairer as at a guitar store, or handy person who will respect expensive equipment.


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