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"I didn't know a harp could do that!" is a remark often heard at Laurie Riley's concerts. Her energetic playing of numerous styles of music (including Celtic, South American, Swedish, Spanish, other ethnic, soft jazz, blues, soft rock, folk, Pop, and her favorite classical pieces) explores the full range of capabilities of the double-strung harp. A professional musician since the age of ten, she has toured throughout the United States, and in Canada and Ireland.

Laurie has been interviewed on National Public Radio's All Things Considered; she has accompanied The Chieftains in concert, and her music has been featured on American Airlines and in the well-known Narada Collections. She was the first American harpist to be invited to judge and perform for the prestigious International O'Carolan Festival in County Roscommon, Ireland (1997), and has toured throughout the US and in Canada since 1985.

She has recorded many albums of harp music, authored numerous books, and made several instructional videos; all are available on her website. She also judges harp competitions and leads workshops.

"As a musician, I am gratefully aware that I hold in my hands the experience of music as a metaphor for life, which is offered as a gift to all who gather to listen."

Ms. Riley can be reached at:

Laurie Riley
PO Box 1563, Sedona AZ 86339


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