Author Biography
Author Biography
Pingqiu Yue  is currently a Konghou professor at Central Conservatory in Beijing, and is a director of the board of World Harp Congress on behalf of China.

After graduating from the piano department of Shenyang Conservatory of Music, she studied harp with Russian harpist Druznina and German harpist Swarze at Shanghai Conservatory. She began to teach harp in Shenyang in 1960.

Dan Yu studied harp with her for 9 years and later became the first Chinese harpist to win first prize in the International Harp Competition.

When the double action Chinese harp-konghou was made successfully in 1984, Ms. Yue began to study how to train the konghou students with her experience of playing the Chinese traditional instrument Guzheng.

Four of her konghou students, Lin Wu, Joy Hoffman, Kun Qian, and Ding Wang have played in konghou concerts at the World Harp Congress. Her speech at the International Folk Harp Conference, “The Konghou and its Artistry of Oriental Charm,” was published in the WHC Review. She has other articles and many arrangements. She can be contacted at


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