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Harp Concerts, Workshops, and Master Classes

Harp Concerts

 The International Harp Competition of Italy (July 4-13, 2014) has a  Final Stage concert that is open to the public, at the Auditorium Gaber in Milan on July

Harp Workshops

Harp Master Classes

Master Class for harp with Assia Cunego  27 July - 2 August, 2014 in Sandstedt, Germany.  Mutual artistic stimulus and exchange, performance training, experiencing crises and breakthroughs, special relaxation exercises for harpists, playing and enjoyment. The final concert on the last day shows everyone’s admirable progress. How did the piece sound just a few days ago? The concert is the highlight of the master class, a starting point for further work. This master course is intended for all ages, skills and harp types. Registration deadline 30 June, 2014.  Tel. +49.4702.22 33 29.

Harp Masterclass,  "Corsi Estivi di Perfezionamento Musical dell-Accademia degli Sfaccendati" with Floraleda Sacchi.  August 27 – 31, 2014 near Rome, Italy. Master classes, seminars, end-of-term concert. For ages 18-35. Apply by August 4, 2014.


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