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Non-Pedal Chromatic Harps

Philippe Clément started to build musical instruments in the mid-1980's under the direction of Dominik Zuchowics, a viola maker. After taking an early retirement from the Canadian Public Service in 1993, Philippe set up shop and started designing and building chromatic harps exclusively as a full time occupation. His clientele included professional harpists in North America, Europe and Japan. His harps ranged from 3 octave single row, double row, triple row, and five octave cross strung chromatic harps. Philippe contributed to various publications, the Folk Harp Journal, Harpa, the Harp Almanac and he co-published a book with Hannelore Devaere, a Belgian musicologist: "X-Harps, History, Playing technique, Music and construction of the Cross strung chromatic harp", 1998. The informational portions of Philippe Clément's former website have been integrated into the site run by Roger Muma at Note:  Philippe Clément has retired and these harps are no longer being manufactured.
Mr. Clement can be reached at:

5013 County Road 9
RR#3 Napanee, Ontario Canada K7R 3K8
Tel (613) 354-2219    Fax (613) 354-0862

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