Carving Detail, Camac Harps
Carving Detail, Camac Harps
More About Camac Harps

Using new materials and altering mechanics are hallmarks of Camac harps. Here are some examples which have led to a strong harp which Camac says has accurate, quiet action, is easy to regulate, and stays in better tune:

  • Action plates made of annodized aluminum alloy for strength and lightness.

  • Different rotation of the sharping disks producing more pressure, thus fewer buzzes.

  • The conical connection of disks to spindles, reducing slippage.

  • Instead of pedal rods , stainless steel flexible cables, eliminating "fatigue failure".

  • Adjustable pedal spring tension.

  • Longer-lived smooth plastic bushings instead of pedal felts

Jammin' on the Electro harp
Jammin' on the Electro harp

One Camac model of particular note, launched at the 1991 Paris World Harp Congress, is the Blue harp with its unique amplification system. Originally conceived for jazz and pop music, its role has since expanded and it is found in almost every musical domain from contemporary to classical. Every string has a built-in pickup, so that the only sound that is amplified is from that particular vibrating string, eliminating sounds from other strings. The New Generation Blue harp's acoustical (unplugged) qualities are almost identical with those of the traditional harp.

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